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Just a random load of my useless thoughts no one really needs.
14, England
thatkrazykatkid asked: How are you? Love your blog :)


I’m better thank you, and thanks ^3^ I appreciate it


They send us to therapy to teach us to cope.
We come out trying to cope with the fact we went to therapy and it didn’t help one bit.

Reblog if you’ve ever been told “Kill Yourself.”


Whether it was joking or serious. I’m doing a project for school about how these words have slipped Into society’s everyday vocabulary and why they need to be taken more seriously. Please reblog I need to know.

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I am a fucking disgusting human being.
Sure, I’m not doing well, but it doesn’t mean others don’t have problems

To anyone who has ever:
Gone to the toilet and have seen it as another escape to beauty
Who’s ever been shopping and seen only calories in everything
Who’s ever been making a meal and had to step back from the knife-a weapon
Who have been in class and felt the need for sharpeners and sharper pencils-harm
Who have been in crowded situations and still felt completely alone
Who see not a mirror but a lie and pure evil
Who can’t bare to be high up, breathtaking sights, for cliffs are made for jumping
Who can’t go near ropes, they are only nooses
Who can’t battle physical illness, drugs and medication are only suicidal
Who can’t look out a window without seeing a dangerous world
Who can’t look at magazines, just another expectation

For anyone who has ever been hurt, scarred scared, anxious, afraid, alone, depressed,suicidal… You name it.
I give my heart to you, and I hope others do too. You deserve so much more and are worth so much more than you bargain for. You are worth it, you are enough, you are perfect the way you are.

And you are perfect because you are the only you there is ever going to be, and no matter how screwed up you are, there is no definition to say perfection is or isn’t this or that.

You are stronger than you think.
Don’t let anything stop you from achieving, don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t good enough.

And one last thing, if you are suicidal, show them what you’ve got, you can beat your demons, you don’t have to die, shove everyone out the way, screw them! You are higher than them

Hold on, a brighter day is coming.

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